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The PCC of St Michael’s Hall Green was awarded a National Lottery Awards For All Grant of £9970 in September 2019 for the project “HALL GREEN COMMUNITY SPACE”.

This project was to build on the work already being carried on by the PCC of St Michael’s Hall Green to

  1. Provide a Community Space so that local groups can meet
  2. Encourage groups that include men (who are under represented in our footfall) to become involved in groups on the site managed by the PCC of St Michael’s
  3. Arrange a weekly drop in session when existing group leaders can meet together to share good practice and mutual support.

Arrange two open days to advertise and share with the local community the work that is carried out by the PCC of St Michael’s.

Lottery Award Specific Activities

The Site Coordinator

The award allowed the PCC of St Michael’s to employee one and a half days a week has been working to ensure the Church Centre is full of many groups.  Key points are:-

  1. We have increased the number and plays sessions for families of preschool children from two to four sessions a week with an increase of approximately 20 families – so reducing the isolation many carers of preschool children are feeling.
  2. The existing Place of Welcome mainly for adults over 50 years of age has been expanded to include craft and cooking sessions.
  3. ESOL (English as a Second Language) classes have been re arranged to allow participants to attend from a local homeless centre.                 As many who live in the homeless centre also care for pre school age children toys and other child care has been provided.
  4. A once a month “Let’s Build” group started for families on a Saturday with construction activities (Lego etc).

The existing groups have been supported to enable them to carry on their work, these include uniformed young peoples groups, preschool, jigsaw group,  dancing, craft groups, ladies social group, money advice and more.

Encourage men to be involved

Before this project was awarded men were very much under represented at the many activities held at St Michael’s Centre. To encourage men to become involve and after discussion with stakeholders the following have been put in place

  1. A men’s walking and games group on a Friday to be alongside the existing ladies craft group. Chess and other board games are available.
  2. A men’s only basic computer class was started by one of our stakeholders Diamonds CLP CIC with the support of the PCC of St Michael’s Hall Green.
  3. The Let’s Build monthly sessions on a Saturday morning were arranged with the specific hope of encouraging men to come along with or without their families. This has been a great success.

These actions of resulted in an 70 to 100% increase in the number of men who are taking part in activities in the Church Centre.  An increase from less than 10 to over 20 separate visits.

Weekly Drop in For Existing Groups and Leaders

The weekly drop in is held alongside the existing Place of Welcome on a Wednesday. This session is well attended.  There has been much sharing of good practice, information, and resources. From these drop in sessions there have been two significant actions. It was identified that there needed to be safe guarding and child projection training for  many groups onsite. Funding was obtained to run a days course in November 2019.There is a large open space outside the centre.  Groups wondered if this could be turned into a wildlife meadow.  This suggestion was approved by the PCC of St Michael’s and the Meadow formally opened in May 2020


The Awards For All Grant for the Project “Hall Green Community Space” has enabled the PCC of  St Michael’s Hall Green to reach out to many more families and especially men in the local area.  Footfall has increased by around 25% much of these extra are men who would have been otherwise under represented.  However the main benefit has been for all our participants the extra opportunity to meet together and reduce isolation across the local area.

Due to Covid-19 we will be running this project September to early December to include the activities that were cancelled due to the pandemic

Little Acorns

Stay and Play Groups

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at The Oak at St Michael’s in term time.

9.30 to 11.00 am Little Acorns Stay and Play for Mums, Dads, Grandparents and Carers, lots of fun toys for all Toddlers.   Chat and things for adults too.  All welcome..

For more details contact Donne on

Telephone 07432 067403 or e mail